Upcoming: The Art of Titanfall

Titanfall is a mecha FPS video game that's going to be released in the first quarter 2014.

The artbook will be released prior to the game release. That would be in February 2014. It's going to be a 192-page hardcover published by Titan Books. It would cover the visual development art of the game.

Fans of mechas and video game art can pre-order the book now at Amazon (US | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES | JP | CN) and Book Depository


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don't forget the art of -

don't forget the art of - thief, lords of shadow, DmC english, battlefield4, kingdom hearts, watch dogs, dragons dogma, AC black flag, transformers prime, LMS, thor dark world.

these next 3-7 months is going to be an excited time for art book collectors :)

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