Review: USKbook aka Urban Sketch Book by Sennelier

Here's the sketchbook that I used yesterday for the panorama sketch at Singapore River.

This is called the USKbook, aka Urban Sketch Book that's made my Sennelier.

It's a 4 by 6 inches accordion page sketchbook with 10 pages on one side, and 8 on the other.

The cover is cloth-bound with some sort of design stamped onto it. It's small, lightweight, and easy to carry around.

The paper is smooth textured, somewhat like cartridge paper. There's no mention whether or not it can take watercolour, but at 340gsm it certainly works well with light washes as I've tried. I will not put more than 3 layers on the surface though. 3 layers seems like the limit at which the paper surface will start to get mushy.

Downside of the sketchbook is the gutter. The paper surface breaks at the fold because the paper's too thick. So the inside of the paper, the part beneath the paper surface, can be seen.

When you apply watercolour, the watercolour will bleed through to the other side. Personally, I would not want to use both sides because if I use the other side, the watercolour will bleed through and affect the art on the other side.

The smooth surface works well for ink also. I tried gel pen and fountain pen. Lines appear sharp and there's no feathering.

Overall, I think it's a good and fun sketchbook to use. You can use it for panorama sketches or collage of many smaller sketches. The downside is the gutter where water or ink can bleed through. The sketchbook is best used only on one side, and that can make the sketchbook pricey to use. I bought this on Amazon and it doesn't ship directly to Singapore so I have to spend extra money for shipping and overall, it cost more than if I were to get a Moleskine Japanese album.

4 out of 5 stars.

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