Out of stock sketchbooks of Fabrice Moireau

New York Sketchbook

I'm a big fan of watercolour sketches from Fabrice Moireau. I've a few of his sketchbooks, and I'm always looking out for more.

The titles that I don't have are New York Sketchbook (Amazon.com) and Gardens of Paris Sketchbook (Amazon.com). They are out of stock and even prices for used copies on Amazon are quite high. I've even tried to order the books from the publisher Didier Millet only for them to refund me the money because they found out they didn't have stocks as well.

Lo and behold, I finally managed to find them in stock on Amazon UK, at least the French editions!

I've ordered them and now they are on the way!

New York Sketchbook
New York aquarelles (Amazon.co.uk)

Jardins de Paris
Jardins de Paris (Amazon.co.uk)

L'Ile de Tatihou
L'Ile de Tatihou (Amazon.co.uk)
And then there's this book L'Ile de Tatihou that I know nothing of. It's the last copy so I had to order it.

Interestingly, some of his sketches were also used to produce calendars. Such as the Paris Agenda 2011 and many more.

Paris Agenda 2011

Paris Agenda 2011

Paris Agenda 2011

Paris Agenda 2011

Paris Agenda 2011

Paris Agenda 2011

Below's Vallee de la Loire Agenda 2011

His bigger sketchbooks would be more satisfying than these calendars, no doubt.

There are a few more titles on Amazon UK. So act fast if you happen to be looking for them.

Here are some of my reviews of his other books:


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