NewsPageDesigner Infographics Archive from 2006 to 2008

Updated as of 24 April 2009. Unfortunately, some of the artists don't want their work to be distributed like this and I have taken down the links. Sorry for inconvenience.

It seems that NewsPageDesigner has now moved into the domain of at the new address

Infographics from the old site are not transferred to the new site. Because of that, I've decided to make my collection available to public. I've been surfing NewsPageDesigner since they have started and have been collecting infographics every month, from 2006 to 2008.

They should serve as helpful reference material for anyone designing news pages, like they have done so for me.

Each of the links below go to their respective download page. Each package is zipped up in either ZIP or RAR. Large packages are split into smaller packages.


These graphics are NOT created by me, and are copyrighted by their respective owners.

Below are some screenshots of what you can expect.

Technology infographics screenshot

Sports infographics screenshot

Planes infographics screenshot



parka, i`m your fan <3 love

parka, i`m your fan <3 love your reviews so much since im Brazilian and i dont have much money to buy every single book i wish your reviews keep helping me decide which one to buy...

sry for my english

Thank you very much
Carlos Arraes

Hello parka, I'm very sad,

Hello parka, I'm very sad, the files don't exist!!!, I would like to have them a lot, Can you upload to rapidshare or megaupload like anonymous or something?, please! I'm graphic designer and I need these resources and references.

thanks .

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