Hanoi Travelogue eBook coming in May 2015

Update 23 April 2015: Check out the video preview.

Here's the cover for my upcoming Hanoi Travelogue eBook. I'm planning to release it in May 2015.

In addition to the sketches that I've already published on the blog and on Youtube, there will be additional travel and sketching tips.

This travelogue should appeal to those who like traveling and sketching, and first time visitors to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Work in progress

I've already finished laying out the sketches and text. The format of the eBook is in PDF. It's sized to the iPad screen ratio which is 4:3. For those with wider tablets, the landscape pages will look larger, and single pages smaller. You can also view it on your large computer screen.

Here's the page layout so far. There are 139 pages currently. The page count may still change. There's still proofreading to be done.

I've also planned other travelogue eBooks in the future. Tentatively, there should be Bali, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore. The speed at which they come out depends on the popularity of the previous eBooks and also on the Patreon support.

Video preview

Where's the physical printed copy?

This travelogue is only in eBook format right now. I don't have any intention of printing physical copies because the shipping here from Singapore is going to add at least USD $12-15 to the cost of the book. That is how expensive it is to ship things from Singapore.

How to buy?

I'm planning to sell this eBook at an introductory price of USD $6 on my blog.

It will be free on launch day for those who support me on Patreon at $5/month.

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Help me make this travelogue eBook free

If I hit the $200/month marker on Patreon, I'll distribute this travelogue for free.

Hopefully I can reach that amount in May 2015, and release the book on launch day for free instead of selling. Think of it like a Kickstarter project.

Deep inside me, I want to make the travelogue available to all, but it just doesn't make sense to spend time and effort on a project only to give it away for free.

Support me on Patreon to make this (and future travelogues) happen.

Thank you! :-)

I'll be posting future updates to this project on this page.


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