Guide to Buying and Shipping From Book Depository to Singapore

Since my Amazon Buying Guide for Singaporeans has been getting a lot of good feedback, I'll write one for Book Depository as well. This guide is written for Singaporeans or those living in Singapore.

This guide is relatively straightforward because does ship to Singapore.

Is Book Depository cheaper than Amazon or other online bookstores?


Based on my experience, Book Depository is sometimes cheaper for items with low retail price to begin with. So books costing around US$10 is more likely to be cheaper on Book Depository than on Amazon, as compared to a $20 book.

Note that shipping charge is already included into the list price on the Book Depository website. If you're buying just one or two books, Book Depository is usually cheaper because other online bookstores have a per-shipment charge in addition to a per-item charge. So Book Depository is nice if you want to buy a book occasionally and Amazon is good if you want bulk purchases.

You can change the currency listed on Book Depository. There are only a few choices though, and Singapore dollar is not one of them.

Before you buy

It's advisable to create an account with Book Depository before your purchase. That way, you'll have your own account page where you can look at your history of purchases. You can also buy from Book Depository even without an account though.

For orders to turn up in your order history, you've to sign in before purchase. Otherwise, your order history would be the email they send you after your purchase.

Another thing to do before you buy is to search online for discount codes. Sometimes Book Depository gives out discount codes during special promotional events.

Different type of payment

Book Depository accepts major credit cards as well as Paypal.

For Paypal users, make sure your mailing address is accurate. Book Depository only mails to that Paypal verified mailing address.

For Paypal payment, just click on the big Paypal button on the payment mode page, and you'll be brought to Paypal's page where you have to sign in, inspect your order and total amount, and then confirmation. Straightforward.

After your order is created, they will send you an email confirmation.


Book Depository usually ships within two days upon receiving the order. After which, it takes roughly two weeks for the delivery.

The item will be mailed to your mailbox. If it's too large, then it will be sent to your door step - if you're not around, a note will be left by the delivery guy (could be from Singpost or other delivery companies).

The books are usually packed in either bubble wrapped envelopes or slim cardboard packages. So far, I've not have any books damaged during shipping.

Customer Service

Once I received a damage book, and Book Depository sent me a new copy after I provided them with photo of the damage.

It's pretty hassle-free to buy from them.

The only downside is they do not provide tracking number for deliveries. So it can be quite nerve wrecking after two weeks have past and your items are still not here.



I am curious why our orders

I am curious why our orders on Book Depository needs to go through WMG before being delivered to our addresses. As it is, BD has our direct addresses already labelled on the packages.

Sometimes I think that BD has already sent out the books on time but the distribution by WMG is what's causing the delay.

Order no. BDM-260-13755061057

Order no. BDM-260-13755061057
I have ordered The Big Book of Little Amigurumi on 19 June 2018. Till now I have not received the book. I have checked with the post office and WMG PTE LTD, they are unable to help and advise me to check BD. I have emailed BD to check my order status and their reply to check with post office. Hope to receive my book asap.

I'm not sure about WMG Pte

I'm not sure about WMG Pte Ltd, but my experience with Singpost has often been disappointing and frustrating. On a few occasions, registered mail sent from overseas to Singapore was received by Singpost, but lost at Singpost. As for unregistered post, well, don't even bother trying to contact Singpost.

I'm not sure about WMG Pte

I'm not sure about WMG Pte Ltd, but my experience with Singpost has been disappointing and frustrating on many occasions. I've had registered mail received by Singpost, but getting lost at Singpost. That means, even if your package is registered, and arrives in Singapore, there is no assurance that Singpost can track and find it for you. If your package is not registered, well, don't even try calling Singpost because it will be an exercise in futility.

Hi, I have ordered a Book on

Hi, I have ordered a Book on 24th July, and checked the online status , It show the book despatched on 26th July from UK. But till now I havent receive the book. I have emaild them, no reply.
is There any phone number to contact in Singapore? anyone please sugget.

Hi, I've also ordered a book

Hi, I've also ordered a book which was dispatched on 6th August. It's not here yet. BD hasn't been helpful so far, the only thing they replied to me is to check with my "local postal network", without a tracking number, because they don't provide one for free deliveries. Seriously it's a very bad customer service, I buy online from MANY places and never had a lost package. I won't order from BD again.

Did anyone order and had to

Did anyone order and had to wait for more than 2 weeks to find out that it is indeed because of slow delivery?

Not sure whether to wait or demand them to dispatch another one for me. ordered from them before last year in early January and the book did come on time. This time I ordered on 21Oct, said dispatched on 25 Oct but today is the 8th of November and am still waiting for my book.

I ordered 4 expensive books

I ordered 4 expensive books on 14 Nov and those books dispatched on 16 and 19 Nov. I waited for the books arrival since 16 Nov but those books didnt delivered to me. The estimated waiting duration was 2 weeks plus. Due to the slow delivery, I already emailed them about my parcels issue and then they replied to me that those books may deliver to you on 12 to 16 Dec. If the parcels were lost during shipping, they will send a new copies to me. During my waiting time from 16 Nov to 2 Dec, I am extremely fustrated and worried because those books didnt arrived on time.

Based on the information given in this website, the delivery maybe either very slow or lost during shipping, so i must wait for more than 3 weeks to arrive to my doorstep.

Regarding to the mail size, if the mail cannot fix into the mail box, the postman will deliver it to your doorstep. Another method is collect the parcel by yourself to relief your unhappiness.

I ordered 5 books from BD on

I ordered 5 books from BD on 1 Nov 2018 and only received 2 books so far. Details of the remaining 3 books: 2 books were dispatched on 6 Nov and 1 was only dispatched on 14 Nov. I've emailed BD to enquire about the 2 books that were dispatched on 6 Nov but they can only confirm that the books have been dispatched and unable to know where they are now. It has been a month from order date. I'm a little worried as the books are meant to be given as Christmas gifts. Sigh... not sure what to do now.

Oh i just faced the same

Oh i just faced the same issue like others. I ordered on 1 Dec. 2 books were dispatched on 3 Dec and 3 books were dispatched on 5 Dec. Website stated books would be delivered 5 to 9 days from UK. I sent an email to their customer service and they told me to expect them latest by 17 Dec or 18 Dec. I did not realise they are usually late. Wish I had seen the comments above earlier. I will update over here if I manage to receive the books in time for the Xmas party on 23 Dec. *cross my fingers*

Just to update that I've

Just to update that I've received the remaining books today, i.e. 19 Dec. What a relief!
That's about 6 wks since date of dispatch. Used to be only 2-3 weeks.. now that's double the time. The stress due to the delay was beyond words as I wasn't sure if the books are lost in mail. Just so glad to receive them before X'mas as they are meant as gifts.

I also wish to update

I also wish to update everyone. I received all my books today on 21 Dec. They were dispatched on 3rd and 5 Dec. I am glad the 2 books are in time for Xmas. Phew! I think just assume their books will arrive super late in the future. The adult bestselling books are still cheaper than those sold at the bookshops such as popular.

Best is not to patronize Book

Best is not to patronize Book Depository. They are highly irresponsible. My books are missing for over 5 weeks now and they have not made a single effort to locate or send me new copies. The books I bought are pretty expensive books too and they just dismissed me. Now I deeply regret buying Christmas gifts from them. My dispatched date was 15th Nov. And on Christmas itself, today, it is still missing. I have already requested refund as the books are completely useless now. But they will not send a refund until the books are returned to them. Worst experience ever.


Was reading this thread with interest but now decided to update everyone on my own order.
Ordered and the order was marked as dispatched on 30 Nov this year.
The FAQs stated delivery to Sg was 5-9 business days. And I think that's where the expectations and frustrations begin.
Received my book on the 20 Dec eventually. Via normal mail. Good condition.
So I guess the expectation should be about 3 weeks from dispatch +/-
Hope it helps.

My Book Depository experience

My Book Depository experience...

I live abroad. I ordered 2 identical lego books for my nieces for Xmas, to be sent to my elderly parents for wrapping and passing on. Only received one book, they are refusing to send 2nd book, they have insisted that my elderly parents go to the post office several times over busy Christmas period to see if it is there (not sure why) and empty their recycling bin to get packing slip and packaging so I can send photos.

Still not sent 2nd book. Don't think I will ever get it, have ordered a xmas present from elsewhere.

These guys are con artists, AVOID.

Hi guys! I ordered a small

Hi guys! I ordered a small book Wednesday and dispatched Monday 7 Jan. As of today, 21 Jan (2 weeks) order haven't received. I put my office address as shipping address. I will update you guys when I received.

So another update, probably

So another update, probably the last. My books was lost after 3 weeks ish, BD was well aware of this but refused to take any actions. I kept emailing them week in week out as they requested me to. They eventually told me they can only take action after Week 10. 10 weeks passed, I emailed them and they ignored me for more than 2 days. After which, they apologize for getting the date wrong, but no action can be taken yet, as it was not 10 weeks yet. The date was not wrong. It had been 10 weeks. I was so angry and demanded a refund. Few days passed, BD refused to do anything about it. They even send me repeated emails with just some bold sentences to make a point that they will not be doing anything for me. And can't be bothered to even edit it. Simply copy paste. Desperate, I contacted Amazon, and few days later BD confirm my refund without any further questions. I'm not very sure what exactly happened, whether Amazon stepped in or whatever. But that last few days of "good service" does not justify the many other weeks of terrible service. The value of my order was SGD120+ and I was more or less dismissed for 2 and a half months. Made to be a beggar for my own money and books. They even made me check in weekly with them instead of following up on me as a customer. It was a horrible experience. I never got my books and I was constantly wondering if I will get my money back. I wonder if I was being scammed. I wasn't but... They only returned my money after 11 weeks which was mad. As much as I'm glad the whole issue is over, I would not recommend anyone to get anything from this company. They are extremely irresponsible. And I got lucky. I have heard of people only getting their refund like after a year. Not sure if it is true as I do not know them personally. Save your money, spend a little more and get it from a physical shop. You are also buying a peace of mind. Avoid Book Depository at all cost. That is my personal experience and I hope no one else will ever have to experience that.

I ordered a book on 5/4/19

I ordered a book on 5/4/19 and according to the Book depository it was dispatched on 8/4/19 but I haven't received the book untill now.I keep sending an email to take an action for me but they told me to check with the local posting office.So far I haven't received any information from the posting office.What if I never received my order?Just wasting my money??

This is my first time

This is my first time ordering book from book depository and my order show status dispatched on 14/10/19 from UK and ships from UK to singapore shows 5-9 business days but till now I have not receive the book. Can anyone advice or anyone face the same issue?

Hello. First of all, thanks

Hello. First of all, thanks for this simple and easy guide for book buyers. Actually, it'll be my first time to order/purchase a book online via book platform which in this case, well, one of my options, Book Depository because I normally buy from physical stores (for new ones) and carousell (for the preloved/used). Would like to ask if BD can still be considered a safe and reliable option nowadays since there are several complaints about shipping taking a very long time and lost parcel for some buyers? I also compared BD from other local online bookstore here in Singapore and just got shocked of the difference on book prices. Let me know your thoughts on this. Thank you.

My dad bought me a book as a

My dad bought me a book as a gift from Book Depository. It was dispatched on 21st May and it arrived on 23 June. The book was in the mailbox but i found the wait very tiring. I found it easier to buy the book in popular

My first time ordering from

My first time ordering from BD on 11 May 2021. It was dispatched the next day on 12 May 2021 with tracking number. And I’ve just received it on 19 May 2021. So it’s just 5 working days to be delivered from UK to SG after being dispatched.

hi, did anyone of you facing

hi, did anyone of you facing this issue?
I have just made an order from Book Depository..
Payment method is paypal, and I did chose the correct Singapore address.
After that it shows me the order confirmation.
The address is exactly same as what I chose, but the last line is "United States"..
Is it normal?
This is the 1st time I purchase from Books Depository..
I have emailed the customer service but i'm so worried they will just send the books to US somewhere.....


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