Fixative on Uniball ink test for upcoming Bali sketching trip

I'm trying to find out which pens I should bring for my upcoming sketching trip to Bali, Indonesia.

I'll be using watercolour so the ink has to be waterproof. Uniball has some great pens that feature their Uni Super Ink, a type of pigment ink that's fadeproof and water resistant. So I bought a few and subjected them to a fixative-on-ink test.

Previously while on a 10-day Spain trip, I brought only two Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 and V7 and nearly ran out of ink. One pen for one 60-page A4 Moleskine is not enough especially if you're like 0.7mm lines.

This time, I'll bring the V7 plus a few Uniball pens.

The Uniball pens tested above are, in rough order:
Uniball Gel Impact UM-153s
Uniball Signo Gelstick UM-170
Uniball Signo Micro 207 UMN-207
Uniball Jetstream SXN-157S (not fixative proof)
Uniball Signo DX UM-151
Uniball Power Tank SN-227 (not fixative proof)
Uniball Eye UB-157
Uniball Vision Elite UB-205
Uniball Vision RT

Note that all the pens above are waterproof, but two of them are not fixative proof. Ink that are not fixative proof are typically dye-based ink. I've had bad experience of spraying fixative over a watercolour ink sketch where I forgot about the dye ink underneath and the work was destroyed. Now I'm more conscious about what ink to use.


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