Daniel Smith Watercolor Dot Cards with Parka's colour palette

I've just received the Daniel Smith Watercolor dot cards featuring my colour palette. I've previously blogged about mixing them and their colour variety. They are great. I've used them for all my sketches in Spain recently.

These dot cards are part of a promotional campaign to introduce Daniel Smith Watercolours into Singapore, and soon Malaysia and Thailand. Currently in Singapore, there's no where to buy these watercolours.

My friend has set up an online art store called Arters to carry the products. Prices are quite competitive to other brands in Singapore, namely Winsor Newton. For example a 15ml tube of Daniel Smith Burnt Sienna cost S$11.76. Shipping locally is S$5.

There will be some art contest coming up soon as well. More details to come.

The text on the overleaf if you can't read them:

Daniel Smith Watercolors have an amazing range of over 235 colours. There are the classic artists favourites as well as quite a few exotic ones for the more adventurous painter. The colours I've chosen are for their transparency. I like sketching with ink and require watercolours to be transparent so as to show off the line work. It's also a plus that DS Watercolors are wonderfully vibrant.

About the artist

Teoh Yi Chie is a graphic journalist from Singapore. He like sketching outdoors and is part of the Urban Sketchers Singapore group.

Online, he's known by his alias Parka for his website ParkaBlogs.com. He reviews art books relating to movies, animation and comics, and sometimes also reviews art materials. Occasionally, he receives complaints about his website for being dangerous to wallets of artists and art lovers.



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