Comic & art book releases 25-26 May 2009

There's not a lot of comics and art books this coming week.

The Art of Up

Check out the book review for The Art of Up I wrote few days ago. It's finally in stock.

Apes and Babes: The Art Of Frank Cho
Apes and Babes: The Art Of Frank Cho (

From the award-winning creator of Liberty Meadows, Zombie King, and Jungle Girl, this 144-page, full-color collection showcases Frank Cho's past and present illustrations and reveals why he's one of the top masters of the female form and fantastic beasts.

Heroes Volume Two
Heroes Volume Two is now available in paperback from Wildstorm.

The Emmy Award-nominated NBC TV series HEROES comes to comics in this spectacular hardcover graphic novel! With art by some of comics' tops illustrators and stories by the writers of the HEROES TV series, this volume features comics chapters previously seen online at, This volume features artwork by Tim Sale that first appeared in the TV episodes.

These books should be appearing soon in comic shops near you. I encourage readers to support their local comic retailers whenever possible. Visiting comic shops is cool.


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