Comic & art book releases 14-15 April 2009

Udon Art of Capcom

Of particular note, I want to mention this book, Udon's The Art of Capcom.

I thought it was out of print. Well, the available copies were selling for over US$100 when it was supposedly out of print.

When I saw it on Amazon Canada, I ordered it straightaway. Big mistake. That was on 13 Feb and now it still hasn't arrive yet. The delivery estimate they gave me was 13 May. Fingers crossed. If I knew it was going to come out on Amazon US, I would have bought there instead.

And yes, this is a good book, I've seen the insides. It's something like Street Fighter Tribute, but features art for other Capcom games.

Marvel Apes
I wonder what other animals they can come up with. Marvel Hippos?

O-Parts Hunter
I like the cover for this issue of O-Parts Hunter.

Ballistic Publishing is having a 50% off some selected art books. I've a book review for Vesage (4th book from the left) which is on that sale, but even so I won't really recommend it.

These books should be appearing soon in comic shops near you. I encourage readers to support their local comic retailers whenever possible. Visiting comic shops is cool.



Hi Parka, Found your reviews

Hi Parka,

Found your reviews on amazon super helpful, the video review in particular. Do you have a list of "art of" books by specific genres. I am particularly looking at comic art/artists and from there starting to branch off into looking at computer games and maybe animation.



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