Book Depository 10% discount code for March 2013

Book Depository is giving out 10% discount code through referrals until 15 March 2013.

If you want one, just post a comment below. Put your email address in the comment form, rather than inside the comment text box so that people can't see yours.

Then I'll put your email address in the Book Depository form and they'll mail out to you. I'll be using Book Depository USA unless you prefer otherwise — let me know.

Oh, and do me a favor. Just visit the Book Depository links below before you buy your book. Those are affiliate links. I get some commission when someone buys a book after clicking the links.

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I'm really interested by the discount!!
Thank you again for all your work on the blog!

I've just started collecting

I've just started collecting artbooks so any discount code (for US version) would be great :D

Btw, I've read that Bookdepository is based in UK for both version (US and UK). Is it a true?