Guide to Buying and Shipping From Book Depository to Singapore

Since my Amazon Buying Guide for Singaporeans has been getting a lot of good feedback, I'll write one for Book Depository as well. This guide is written for Singaporeans or those living in Singapore.

This guide is relatively straightforward because does ship to Singapore.

Is Book Depository cheaper than Amazon or other online bookstores?


Based on my experience, Book Depository is sometimes cheaper for items with low retail price to begin with. So books costing around US$10 is more likely to be cheaper on Book Depository than on Amazon, as compared to a $20 book.

Note that shipping charge is already included into the list price on the Book Depository website. If you're buying just one or two books, Book Depository is usually cheaper because other online bookstores have a per-shipment charge in addition to a per-item charge. So Book Depository is nice if you want to buy a book occasionally and Amazon is good if you want bulk purchases.

You can change the currency listed on Book Depository. There are only a few choices though, and Singapore dollar is not one of them.

Before you buy

It's advisable to create an account with Book Depository before your purchase. That way, you'll have your own account page where you can look at your history of purchases. You can also buy from Book Depository even without an account though.

For orders to turn up in your order history, you've to sign in before purchase. Otherwise, your order history would be the email they send you after your purchase.

Another thing to do before you buy is to search online for discount codes. Sometimes Book Depository gives out discount codes during special promotional events.

Different type of payment

Book Depository accepts major credit cards as well as Paypal.

For Paypal users, make sure your mailing address is accurate. Book Depository only mails to that Paypal verified mailing address.

For Paypal payment, just click on the big Paypal button on the payment mode page, and you'll be brought to Paypal's page where you have to sign in, inspect your order and total amount, and then confirmation. Straightforward.

After your order is created, they will send you an email confirmation.


Book Depository usually ships within two days upon receiving the order. After which, it takes roughly two weeks for the delivery.

The item will be mailed to your mailbox. If it's too large, then it will be sent to your door step - if you're not around, a note will be left by the delivery guy (could be from Singpost or other delivery companies).

The books are usually packed in either bubble wrapped envelopes or slim cardboard packages. So far, I've not have any books damaged during shipping.

Customer Service

Once I received a damage book, and Book Depository sent me a new copy after I provided them with photo of the damage.

It's pretty hassle-free to buy from them.

The only downside is they do not provide tracking number for deliveries. So it can be quite nerve wrecking after two weeks have past and your items are still not here.



Good news, they now have SGD

Good news, they now have SGD as one of the currencies. Generally more pleased with them compared to Amazon, as the books arrive in very good condition always, no dog ears or creases, whereas Amazon depends on your luck and sometimes they use too big a box resulting in high volumetric weight.

Hi. Do you usually get your

Hi. Do you usually get your books in 2 weeks?
Cause I did made an order for 2 books. And it's been quite a while past the estimated delivery date. So I did e-mail them regarding the status of the books. Anyway, I purchased from book via abebooks. And the shipping is directly from UK.

Their customer service is really great. They were really prompt in answering queries. I was directly in contact with the customer service for book depository UK. they were really polite and asked for me to check with singpost. But of course the order can't be tracked as there's no tracking number. And then I got a reply saying that a full refund on my books is on its way. But I felt so bad. I certainly didn't ask for a refund cause I was really looking forward to those books. And it certainly wasn't their fault at all :( cause I know they've made the shipment :(((

So do you think I'd still have any chance of getting my books? Or could it be lost halfway?
Cause if I do receive my books, I'd do a fund transfer back to them. They're so nice.



According to the site, I'm supposed to check with the local delivery office. May I know how can I check with them? Because it's not like I have the SingPost registered mail reference no., the reference number that they emailed for order confirmation would not be applicable right? My first time purchasing something online from overseas, really need some help here :(

Thank you!

Hi there,

Hi there,

Thanks for replying! :) May I know how to I 'refer' them to my mail? Because like what I mentioned previously, I only have my bookdepository order reference number & not a singpost registered parcel reference number.

Thank you!

hi, its my first time buying

hi, its my first time buying from . i had order my books on 14 dec and yet i when i track my order it is still processing till now.(which is more than 48 hours since my order). i would like to know is it normal?



I had ordered 4 books on 11 Dec and i got a emails stating that the books were dispatched on 12th,13th and 15th respectively. Its already 31st and i have not received my items. help please on delivery.

I have ordered the book

I have ordered the book depositry on jan 2nd and i have not yet received it.. its the 3rd week already.
From my experience i would suggest you all not to ever buy from book desposity. If you can wait 1 month or more then you may prefer to buy from book desposity. I ordered the book and i received the book after my exam, where by i had no use with the book.

I agree. They are a pretty

I agree. They are a pretty horrible seller.

Don't recommend them. I've waited 36 days for my last item to arrive (Note: I live 1900 km away from the UK) And they always blame the postal services. The don't provide tracking. Must be because of their sleazy bulk deals with the postal services.

Avoid, avoid, avoid.

yup. ordered on the 8th jul,

yup. ordered on the 8th jul, dispatched on the 12th from UK. have not received yet on 31st jul. written email to them. they said they delivered to over 80 countries so they could not keep track. they asked me to check with my local delivery.
So i asked them 'who is my local delivery'? are they trying to tell me they do not know the principal delivery provider of each country?
Totally unacceptable!!!

I know this is horribly late,

I know this is horribly late, but just in case someone else comes upon this comment in the future, or if you have any wish to buy again (since bookdepository has such an awesome collection of books, I don't know where else I could get some of those books form), it is advisable to check with on this. I believe this to the service provider they use to ship the packages to Singapore, and it will be mailed out via Singpost afterwards. I had the same problem, luckily I chanced upon a blog which the blogger had gotten books from bookdepository recently and mentioned to try contacting this company. I have done so via phone and later via email (as they had mentioned the need for some details which would not be easily communicated via phone). They have replied mentioning that the books have been located and I can go pick them up. Not exactly the kind of service (having to go pick the books up ourselves) everyone wants but Singapore is really small! I wouldn't complain. Perhaps you would like to check with them if you still have not received your books and still would like the books.

I would like to warn

I would like to warn customers from buying books on book I ordered 4 books a month ago and it has not arrived. The so called help desk refused to refund me and all they keep writing via email is check with the local post office (SingPost). There is no airway bill number or reference number so checking with SingPost was as fruitful as dry sand. I am so frustrated with them. There is no address and no telephone number. I should have known that these are signs that I should not “do business” with such a site. Just completely annoyed and feel very cheated by them. They were completely unhelpful and unsympathetic. Please beware.

Hi! I tried emailing WMG and

Hi! I tried emailing WMG and they said they could not help. Is it better for me to call them? I even tried asking SingPost but they told me it cannot be tracked because it's an ordinary mail. May I ask how you communicated with WMG?

Similar situation as some of

Similar situation as some of you. I placed an order with them on 16th Apr. According to the order status, the item has been dispatched on 17th Apr. However till today, still haven't receive it. I just dropped a feedback to Singpost to enquire if there's any missed item for me. If not for the book not available in sg, i will not buy online.

However the customer service staff is indeed prompt in reply.

I really hope to get my books......

Hi Yi Chie,

Hi Yi Chie,

May i know if one can go to any singpost or has to be the 1 which is nearer to residential?

So books ordered there should be delivered by Singpost and not any private delivery company?

May i know did anyone manage

May i know did anyone manage to receive their books in the end after waiting for more than 2 weeks?

Did any one managed to get Book Repository to provide a tracking order number (provided the books are mail out as registered item) in order for singpost to assist to check?

How long more should i wait before getting Book Repository to do a refund?

hi yi chie i am also waiting

hi yi chie i am also waiting for my order from book depository. how did you contact singpost regarding the parcel? i tried to get in touch with them and they said they cant track a package thru address and name, and would require a tracking number.

The problem does not lie with

The problem does not lie with Book Depository. It seems that the issue is with WMG Pte Ltd, which no longer is able to deliver books into the customers' mailboxes.

Previously, WMG could place the books into the SingPost-operated mailboxes at residences. Not so anymore, it seems.

I suggest all affected customers write to Book Depository to highlight this new development, namely, that WMG can no longer perform as it did previously. Maybe WMG will speak to SingPost again if Book Depository tries to switch couriers.

@Teo Yi Chie

@Teo Yi Chie

Could I just check whether the delivery of your 5 books placed in your mailbox please?

It seems like WMG can no longer do deliveries into HDB mailboxes.

They will need to deliver to the door instead. If no one is around to accept delivery, the goods will be sent to WMG's collection centre. That's at Ubi.

Previously, what was convenient was having the book sent to the mailbox, which can be collected as you please.

I have ordered 2 books from

I have ordered 2 books from book depository in late April and they have shown as dispatched on 3th May 2018. I have yet to receive the books and the customer service asked me to go and ask my nearest local post.

May I know how to go about this in steps? Do I need to print any documents if i go to Singpost and what should i ask them first etc?

Thanks in advance for reading this :)


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