I'm back from the Spain sketching trip

I'm back in Singapore from the sketching trip in Spain. It was fun and intense. I don't think I've sketched that much for so many days.

You can check out the rather brief entries I've posted over the last few days with this tag:

I'll also write a more comprehensive commentary on my trip after I finish colouring and scanning my sketchbook.

That's my haul of eleven sketchbook titles from Spain. I met lots of incredible artists during the sketchcrawl and were introduced to many of their books.

What a surprise! When I came back, Udon has also sent me several books they debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2013. You can check out their release date on their blog and on my upcoming art books list.

I'll review all these books in the next few days. It's gonna get busy!

All the photos from the trip:
Barcelona days: one | two | three | four | five | six
Granada days: one | two | three
Madrid days: one | two



Welcome back, looking forward

Welcome back, looking forward your coming posts and reviews.
A word of thanking I must say to you, your reviews about The Art of Kung Fu Panda encourages me to make up my mind and two days ago I manage to order the book of the 1st film, the price was so expensive but I'm sure the book is worthy. Enjoy your day.

Wow! I'm definitely jealous

Wow! I'm definitely jealous of that haul from Udon. Their hardcover books are not cheap. Pretty cool that the publisher recognizes the views that your blog gets. Can't wait to see the reviews for MM25 and WoW Tribute.

For Spain, which location was your favorite? I'm thinking of taking a vacation there, but probably would only have time to see 1 or 2 cities.

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