In Seville now

My sketching pals and I are in Seville now. That's Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza, the bull fighting arena. Click for a larger view.

Cathedral of Seville.

We met up with other Urban Sketchers in front of this church Santa Ana. The perspective is extremely challenging. That and the amount of details.

Some snapshots around Seville. We're leaving for Madrid tomorrow afternoon so that white space is just nice for one more sketch.

Madrid's the last destination before I head back to Singapore. I'm really enjoying the sketching trip so far, but food here is real pricey — 2 to 4 times that of Singapore prices. I don't think people here earn 2 to 4 times more.


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You are totally right in your

You are totally right in your last sentence, prices in Spain are ridiculously high compared with the salaries of the normal people. The entire country is passing a really bad situation economically and politic, so much corruption and thieves.

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