Review: UPERFECT 17.3-inch 4K portable monitor (100% AdobeRGB)

This is probably the best portable monitor among the ones I've reviewed so far.

Here's the bottom line: The UPERFECT 17.3-inch 4K portable monitor is sharp, bright, colour accurate and has solid build quality.

I purchased the monitor for SGD 650 (~USD 480). It's pricey especially when you can find 15.6-inch 4K portable displays for half the price. I attribute the premium to the 100% AdobeRGB colour support and having 4K instead of 1080P on a 17.3-inch display.

When you're looking for this monitor online, you will see many similar looking monitors with different brands attached. Many of these monitors are actually from the same factory, and have the same design, ports and features.

The packaging box above and the monitor does not have any branding at all. This means as long as you can find the same design with same specifications, you will get the same monitor as I've reviewed here, even if it's from a different brand or company.

By the way, please stop supporting Kickstarter campaigns for monitors because those are exactly these generic monitors I'm talking about.

Included in the box are two USB-C to USB-C cables, one full-sized HDMI to HDMI cable, USB wall adapter. The cables are 1m long each. If your laptop's video port is on the wrong side, you'll probably need a longer cable.

The bezels at the top and sides are quite thin. Design looks clean and simple. There's no visible branding.

Colours look good out of the box. I measured colour support for 100% sRGB, 97% NTSC, 100% AdobeRGB, 93% P3 and a maximum brightness of 207 nits.

This is a colour accurate monitor that can be used for creating visual content such as photo and video editing, graphic and print design.

The monitor is matte textured and that's how the anti-glare looks with reflections on it. It's not a touchscreen display.

Viewing angles are good. Colours don't shift when viewed from extreme angles but brightness is lower when viewed from the side.

I was able to power the display to 90% brightness with both my Windows and Mac laptop. When I increase the brightness beyond 90%, the monitor will black out. To achieve 100% brightness, you'll need to attach additional power to the monitor. And when you use the monitor with a laptop, it's going to drain the laptop battery much faster.

I can use the monitor at 70% to 85% brightness which is adequate for use in a bright room environment. So one single USB-C cable is all I need for video and power.

There's a small hole at the bottom left where you can pass a pen through and use that to prop up the display. It's not stable and the monitor can fall forwards with an accidental hit.

This monitor is 1.3cm thick. It's thicker compared to the 15.6-inch portable monitors (above) I have.

Since it's thick and due to the larger size, this monitor is noticeably heavier compared to 15.6-inch portable monitors.

The thickness is uniform throughout, which is probably why it can even have a VESA mount (7.5 x 7.5cm).

Build quality is solid as the housing is full metal throughout.

The ports located on the right side of the monitor are:

  • Full sized HDMI
  • mini DisplayPort
  • USB-C for video
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • USB-C for power

On the left side is a micro USB port for OTG and buttons for the OSD.

OTG allows you to connect your mouse or keyboard to the monitor. micro USB isn't that useful though. They could have included a full size USB type A port as the monitor is certainly thick enough.

The included magnetic cover and stand is useful. This stand is more stable compared to covers where you fold a triangle at the back.

The stand's lower angle is not as useful.

17.3-inch and 4K resolution is a good combination. You can use the 1080P workspace and retain the sharpness of 4K. User interface elements are sharp, detailed, large and easy to see. Pixelation is not noticeable from one arm's length away.

MacOS users may face some issues though. My Mac did not detect the monitor as a HiDPI monitor. This means when you choose the 1080P workspace via MacOS System Preferences, you'll get the pixelated 1080P workspace.

The workaround is to use either EasyRes (free from Apple App Store) or SwitchResX (one time purchase) to help your Mac recognise the HiDPI monitor.

Try EasyRes first since it's free. If that doesn't work, try SwitchResX.

Windows OS does not have any scaling issues.


This monitor has solid build quality, fantastic colour support and a good selection of ports. You can also power the display up to 90% brightness with one single USB-C cable.

There are some downsides. Audio quality from the speakers is not good. The monitor is also much thicker and heavier compared to 15.6-inch portable displays.

I'm extremely satisfied with this purchase. So this is a product I can recommend easily.


As mentioned earlier, there are other companies selling the same monitor under their own brand. So the brand isn't important. Just make sure you get the same design and feature set (make sure there's 100% AdobeRGB coverage).

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