Review: Orico Aluminium Laptop Stand

Review sample provided by Orico

The Orico aluminium laptop stand is available in two sizes:

  • ORICO-MA13 for 13-14 inch laptops - 210 x 233 x 87mm
  • ORICO-MA15 for 15 or larger laptops - 260 x 233 x 87mm

Price is around SGD 25.

Putting the laptop stand together is straightforward.

Build quality for this stand is solid and excellent. All surfaces are matte textured and edges are beveled. There are rubber contact points for the laptop and table, and the rubber has good grip.

That's my 16-inch laptop on the stand. The height rises by 8.7cm and brings the display higher to eye level. The angle of the keyboard is tilted and still comfortable to type on.

Design of the stand allows your hands to go through to pick up the stand easily. The stand has no back so your laptop ventilation will not be blocked.

Even though the stand I have is made for 15-inch or larger laptops, it can actually be used with 13-inch laptops as long as the laptop is at least 21cm wide. Shown above is the 13.3 inch Macbook Air.

The two laptop holder hooks at the bottom don't protrude out much and don't dig into my wrist. The hooks are also beveled at the edges.

This is a 12.9-inch iPad Pro on the stand. An 11-inch iPad will not fit onto the 15-inch laptop stand. If you need an adjustable stand for your tablet, get the Parblo PR100 instead as the laptop stand only has one angle.

The laptop stand can also be deployed vertically to hold your laptop and tablet upright, but not completely vertical.

So to conclude, it's a good stand that's worth the money.

You can find this laptop stand on Lazada SG and Shopee SG.


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