Review: Orico 7-Port USB Hub (5Gbps)

Review unit provided by Orico

This is the Orico 7-port USB-A Hub with transfer speeds up to USB 3.2 gen 1 (5Gbps or 625MB/s). The model number is M3U3-7AQ. This is priced at SGD 62 current on Shopee SG and Lazada SG.

This is marketed as having 7 ports but there are actually 8 USB-A ports. 7 are data transfer ports and the one red-coloured one is for charging with 18W.

Note that there are different versions of this hub with varying number of ports and transfer speeds. Obviously you should get the hub with the fastest transfer speed.

This hub is powered be external power so it can power external spinning hard drives and all the devices connected to the 7 ports.

If you use this hub without external power, the hub may not be able to power external spinning hard drives and may not work with multiple devices due to lack of power.

Below are the transfer speed for Windows and Mac.



As usual, transfer speeds on the Mac are slower.


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