Review: Improve Your Paintings: Luminous Watercolor Mixing (Craftsy course)

Improve Your Paintings: Luminous Watercolor Mixing is an introductory course on watercolour mixing for beginners.

The instructor Kateri Ewing is a painter from USA and her passion is in watercolour. From her website, it seems that she focuses on landscapes, birds and a bit of botany. She also teaches watercolour courses and from what I can see in this Craftsy course, she's definitely a good instructor.

The whole course runs for 118 minutes and here's the list of lessons included:

  • Understanding Successful Watercolor - 21 min
  • Split Primary System - 11 min
  • Charts and Color Matching - 24 min
  • Tertiaries, Neutrals and Greens - 23 min
  • Project Foundations and Color Study - 14 min
  • Building Color and Completing the Pear - 25 min

I felt that the course is rather short, relatively speaking compared to other Craftsy courses I've reviewed but it's still quite worth the money in my opinion. It ended when I thought there was going to be more.

The first two lessons talk about the basic fundamentals of colour mixing and what you need to know to mix vibrant watercolours, or to prevent mud. There's recommendation on the colours you should start out with, and that's just six tubes which is an affordable way to star.

It then moves into the colour mixing exercises to get you to mix colour charts and wheels, secondary and neutralised colours, and also greens. The concepts are covered clearly and I'm pretty sure anyone going through the course should have no problem colour matching what they see in real life. The use of colour chart is helpful especially for beginners in the initial stage when they can't think of colour combinations off their head so at least they have something to refer to.

The last two lessons build on the concepts taught in the earlier lessons. You'll be painting a pear and Kateri shows the exact steps to replicate the colours of the pear.

It's a straightforward course that's easy to follow. Exercises are simple and the instructions are clear and concise. It's ideal for beginners with no knowledge on watercolours.

If you're someone who learns better by watching someone else do it, this is a good course to get. If you prefer books, check out the watercolour instructional books I've reviewed so far.

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