Review: Drawn to Painting by Rob Zeller (Craftsy course)

Rob Zeller's Drawn to Painting course is on portrait drawing with a model cast, in this case Michelangelo's "Guiliano de' Medici".

The lessons in the 245-minute course are

  1. Meet Rob Zeller - 10 min
  2. Blocking in the Drawing - 46 min
  3. Adding Value to Your Drawing - 37 min
  4. Transferring the Drawing - 14 min
  5. Painting a Value Scale - 24 min
  6. Starting Your Painting - 44 min
  7. Building Up the Painting - 34 min
  8. Finishing Touches - 36 min

It feels like getting two courses for the price of one because the first half of the course uses the pencil for the portrait, and the second half uses oil painting. The course focuses on monotone drawing and painting.

Rob Zeller is an artist and teacher from New York City. His instructions are clear, concise and insightful. The course is suitable for beginners and intermediate artists.

The value of this course is it demystifies the process drawing and painting a portrait in fine art style. It covers how you would create an accurate portrait for reference before you start painting, the important areas to take note, how to place the model cast for the best presentation, and techniques on drawing and painting.

This is one of the better value courses on Craftsy. And it runs for more than 4 hours so it's really worth the money. So check out the course on Craftsy.

After you've complete this course, the next course you should get is Paint Better Portraits: Realistic Skin Tones by Brian Neher. It's a portrait painting course that deals with colour so that's a natural progression from Rob Zeller's course.

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Drawn to Painting by Rob Zeller (Craftsy course) - 03

Drawn to Painting by Rob Zeller (Craftsy course) - 04

Drawn to Painting by Rob Zeller (Craftsy course) - 05

Drawn to Painting by Rob Zeller (Craftsy course) - 06

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