Review: Diamine Pink Glitz & Enchanted Ocean fountain pen ink

Whoever sent me these two sample bottles of inks many months ago, thank you. I've finally gotten around to testing them.

The Diamine Pink Glitz and Enchanted Ocean are part of Diamine's Shimmertastic series of fountain pen inks. These inks have gold or silver-coloured particles suspended in the ink to give the inks a shimmering look. Because those are physical particles, there's the risk of clogging the pen so do clean out your pen once in a while, especially when you are not going to use them often.

Here's a sketch I drew with the inks.

The shimmer is only noticeable at certain angles and when you do see it, it looks really nice. The intense pink colour also looks great. This combination of pink and gold works nicely.

Diamine Enchanted Ocean uses silver particles. The effect is not as obvious compared to Pink Glitz. It still looks nice overall but the effect is more subtle. Much like the subtle graphite sheen of graphite.


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