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Book Review: The Pixar Treasures

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I had some doubts about this because it's pricey and has only 64 pages. After flipping through the pages, I can understand why it cost so much.

The Pixar Treasures comes with a slipcase and it's designed like a scrapbook. It tells the story of Pixar with many pictures. There are 28 chapters covering the history, the making of various films, the people, their ideas and other interesting stuff.

The content will feel familiar if you have the other book To Infinity and Beyond! -- still my favourite Pixar book. The Pixar Treasures presents a very condensed version of the whole Pixar story with the short 2-page chapters. However, this book has content up to the recent Toy Story 3, which means it also covers Ratatouille, Up and WALL-E, which are not in To Infinity and Beyond!. The stories, though familiar, are still inspiring to read. They are short and will definitely leave you wanting more.

The highlight of the book are the pullout replicas of memorabilia, artwork and photos. Many are never-before-seen art and photos, including new content not published elsewhere in their other art books. There are lots of things you can pull out or pull. You'll see items like the Disney's Visitor Pass (ca. 1980), Presto poster, an animation flip-book, a (fake) newspaper front-page with Linguini's story, a few attached booklets and other goodies.

This book is clearly designed with the collector in mind. It is beautiful and inspiring to read.

It's recommended to Pixar fans.

However I'll recommend To Infinity and Beyond! if you have to choose between the two books.


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