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Thank you for this article

Thank you for this article reviewing the tablet! It was helpful in my setup and use.

A note on Krita: quickly tweaking Krita's pressure sensitivity adjustment curve in settings and the pressure smoothing in tool options, I made my pen pressure extremely controllable- to the point where I can draw very fine lines with a very large brush, and hatch out a full value scale with a default pencil. The pressure levels of the pen seem to be disproportionately in the upper ranges, so making the curve more gradual at first is what did it for me.

I achieved line smoothing by using tool weight at around 2/3 of default, which does add some brush delay mid stroke, but only by millimeters.

Over all, I am so far satisfied with the drawing capabilities for my purposes. That said, some standard programs seem to have lag problems, and the case seems to be rather bad at staying closed.