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I am new to watercolor. ( actually I am new sketching and painting) I have purchased some Daniel Smith tubes and a few brushes. At this time I have a Princeton Neptune #6 Quill and 3 Escoda Versatil travel brushes, sizes, 4, 8, and 12 Rounds. I would like to add a few more brushes. I would like to get a rigger. I prefer to use Travel Brushes when possible. I noticed that Escoda makes a rigger in sizes 2, 4, 6. It is difficult looking at a screen to tell which size would be best for me. I am aware that the numbers do not match other brand numbers. I do not think Escoda makes the riggers in a Travel brush. I don't mind getting the not travel brush. I am hoping you can suggest if I should get a certain size Escoda rigger or another brush and or size.
( If you can...I am also considering a dagger, a Flat and a fan. If you cannot suggest the extra brushes I just problem.)
I have been watching many of your YouTubes before I even made my first watercolor product. It is a pleasure to hear your mellow voice and articulate speech with spot on information.
Thank you very much,