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Best iPad accessories in 2023 from eiP

Review samples provided by the company

So I received a few products recently from the company that sent me the Penoval pens (Apple Pencil alternatives).

The company is creating a new brand called eiP (Essentials of Intelligent Products) and their first few products are Apple accessories:

Links above are to Amazon USA.

eiP iPad Keyboard Case (US $99 - $129)

This is the magnetic keyboard case that works with all iPads that have the flat sides, the iPad Pro 11, iPad Pro 12.9 from 2018 onwards, iPad Air 4 & 5. Since the keyboard case is magnetic, you can remove the tablet easily.

The price is US $99.99 for the 11-inch and $129.99 for the 12.9-inch. These are way more affordable compared to the original Apple Magic Keyboard which are $299 and $349 respectively.

The difference is these eiP keyboard cases have one extra row of shortcuts at the top for home, search, brightness, screenshot, playback control, volume, lock and language.

Typing experience is pretty good and the keys are backlit. The keyboard is powered by battery (500 hrs) and charging is via USB-C.

This is where I have to mention that the eiP keyboard case is actually a white label product. I've reviewed a similar keyboard case before and am still using that after 8 months. The keyboard case holds up well with usage. The main downside is the touchpad sometimes doesn't register finger gestures, e.g. scroll, zoom, so the alternative is to use the pen or finger on display instead.

I personally don't have any issues with white label products as long as the quality is good and pricing is reasonable. If you have used any screen protector on your iPad, you are also using a white label product too, and if you have paid more than $40 for the screen protector, you have paid more than 4 times the usual price.

The eiP keyboard case works as a case, stand and keyboard and is worth the money despite the issue with the touchpad.

eiP Pencil and Pencil Pro (US $27.90 - $39.90)

The two pens offered are $27.90 eiP Pencil and $39.99 eiP Pencil Pro that supports wireless charging with battery charging status. The designs look and feel almost identical to the original Apple Pencil and can attach to the side of the appropriate iPad models. These pens are less than half the price of the Apple Pencil.

The pens support tilt, palm rejection but unfortunately do not support pressure sensitivity. They work great for writing but just that there's no pressure for drawing. eiP Pencil Pro is always on and ready to use just like the Apple Pencil

Also included with the purchase for eiP Pencil Pro is one replacement pen tip and a cabled pen charger.

eiP Nibs Cover (US $9.99)

These are silicone pen nib covers sold in a pack of 8 for US $9.99.

These pen nib covers provide more resistance to the pen tip which gives you more control when drawing. The tapping sound is also dampened.

For writing, it's better to write fast so having more pen tip resistance is not that important. So these silicone covers are better for drawing.

Downside is if you hold the pen low for tilt, you will get broken lines. This is an issue with the silicone cover, not the pen.

eip Paperfeel Magnetic Screen Protector (US $19.99)

The main purpose of the matte screen protector is to provide that tactile experience while drawing. This is also a magnetic screen protector so it's removable if you don't need it, such as when you're not drawing.

This screen protector works just like other matte screen protectors except it has the advantage of being removeable.


To get these products, you can visit the eiP online store on Amazon.