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Hi. Thanks for this article,

Hi. Thanks for this article, was very informative. I have a couple of queries.

I use iMac for AI mainly but I just bought an 8gb 512ssd Mac mini m1. Haven't opened it yet and need to return it soon. I'm thinking of putting it back and going for a windows machine. Been a long time since I used windows tho.

The most I am likely to have open is 2 apps at a time - either AI and Safari at same time or maybe Ps and Ai. I'd like to use my Elgato with it and I do have Ableton, logic pro and final cut pro which if using I would use individually. I also have Affinity Design and Photo.

Do you think the 8gb could handle that?. Every one is saying online get the 16gb but they are doing quite heavy work.

Also I looked at you open apps and the table. You have 16gb but it's using 8gb swap memory? This doesn't sound great to me. I thought swap was when it need extra memory from the SSD. Why is it using 8gb swap when you have 16gb there? I'm concerned that might be a problem for me on an 8gb.

Thanks, Raf