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Review: Watercolour Paint from Blue Pine Arts

Big thanks to Blue Pine Arts and Trupti Karjinni for sending over these watercolour for review.

These are handmade watercolour sold only in pans. I'm not exactly sure how many colours there are but the company is always adding new colours. There are also metalic colours.

The pans are available individually as well as in tin box sets.

The boxes are just for storage though since there are no mixing areas. Besides, tin boxes can rust easily.

There are magnets beneath the pans so they stick inside the box quite firmly, and won't detach and move around.

The pans are filled to the brim. The name on the colour was actually written by me. You can find the colour name on the wrapping.

This pan had the paper stick to the top too tightly. Anyway, the bits of paper can be remove easily when wet.

This company does not use the common names many other manufacturers typically use. PB15:3 which is Phthalo Blue is named Blue Pine Blue.

Many of the names are just for marketing. Take a look at the names of these colours from their Spice box set:

  • Turmeric Yellow Ochre PY42
  • Indian Red Chilli PR101
  • Butterfly Pea Ultramarine PB29
  • Cinnamon Mars Orange PR101
  • Staranise Caput Mortem PR101
  • Mars Black Pepper PBk11

Other colours I received are

  • Lemon Yellow PY3
  • Cinnamon Mars PR101
  • Deodar Green PG7
  • Blue Pine Blue PB15:3
  • Quin Gulac
  • Scarlet Ibis PR112
  • Mace Burnt Sienna
  • Titan White PW6
  • Chinar Red Venetian
  • Dark Clove Hematite

It's best to choose based on the pigments rather than the names used. Is Cinnamon Mars Orange really an orange if it uses PR101, a pigment commonly used for earth colours?

The pans are quite easy to rewet so that's great.

These are some colours swatches I've painted from the pans. The paints are pigmented so they should last for a good time. And since they are pigmented, the colours are quite intense and vibrant.

You can find their whole range of colours at

And you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram. They also have an Etsy store.