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Book Review: The QB Papers by Quentin Blake

The QB Papers is a series books that feature the whimsical sketches and ideas of well known children book illustrator Quentin Blake. Each book is a large format paperback printed with Munken pure rough cream paper. The paper quality is really good. However, the sketches featured are only printed on only one side of the spread. The art is beautiful but this book feels half filled.

The full list of titles are as follows:

  1. Constant Readers
  2. The Art of Conversation
  3. Riders by Night
  4. Feet in the Water*
  5. A Comfortable Fit
  6. The Alternative Sports Olympics*
  7. The Mouse on a Tricycle
  8. Scenes at Twilight
  9. The New Dress*
  10. Deliveries from Elsewhere*

All links above are to Book Depository. The ones marked with * are the ones I have.

Deliveries from Elsewhere
This book features weird items being delivered by usual characters.

There's one where a guy is riding on a helicopter-bicycle. Another guy is delivering knitwear that's being picked off by birds.

The Alternative Sports Olympics has some funny sport ideas such as freestyle sneezing, shopping trolley race, high speed sack race (with sack over the head) and more.

The New Dress is sort of like a fashion show with the paper dressed up with clothing designed from cardboard boxes.

Feet in the Water is just that. People with feet in the water.

These are unusual but fun book. I'm not sure why they are published into separate volumes like this when all the sketches could be easily squeezed into one book. So if you buy the books separately, it can cost you.


This review copy is provided by book seller and distributor APD Singapore (website | facebook). You can get the book from them and major bookstores in Southeast Asia.