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Review: Moonman Eyedropper Fountain Pen

Here's a fantastic eyedropper fountain pen you can get for just less than US $15, including shipping. I think it was someone who suggested to me on my Youtube channel to check out this Moonman fountain pen. So I did a search and found one on eBay. It was more affordable than I expected, considering that the pen actually looks quite good.

The fountain pen is housed inside a really nice hard translucent case. The case is such a bonus because I'll be repurposing it as a pencil case.

Other than the pen, there's also an eyedropper made of glass included. These two items are fitted snugly in the foam.

For less than US $15, you can a nice case, a fountain pen and an eyedropper. That's a good deal!

The plastic is some sort of acrylic. It's very transparent. Almost like glass. Because it's plastic, it's lightweight. It's quite comfortable to hold too. The cap can be posted but it's not that tight.

An eyedropper fountain pen is basically a fountain pen where you can fill the whole body with ink instead of using a disposable ink cartridge or refillable convertor.

The advantage is the huge amount of ink capacity. You'll probably never need to refill a pen like this for months.

The pen is available in different colours. The one I bought was fully transparent except for the red ring around. You can also get coloured grip sections but having a transparent grip is cool because it allows you to see the ink in it.

The nib is available in Fine and Extra Fine.

To prevent the ink from leaking from the body, there's a rubber ring located beneath the grip section when you unscrew the body. That rubber ring creates an air tight seal that prevents ink from leaking out. This is why normal fountain pens can't be converted into eyedropper fountain pens just by removing the cartridge. You need that rubber ring.

There's another rubber ring below the nib holder.

This fountain pen is incredibly easy to dismantle for a thorough cleaning. You just unscrew the nib section, and you can pull out the nib. To put the nib and feed back into the nib holder, you have to align them to the groove inside the nib holder, or else you won't be able to push the nib and feed back in.

Writing performance is good. The nib glides nicely on the paper. Ink flow is good. There's no nib creep. It works just like a typical working fountain pen.

I don't have any bad things to say about the pen. Perhaps maybe an inclusion of a pen clip would make this pen even better. But for the price, it's an incredible deal. And it's a good pen for anyone looking for an affordable pen. And it looks really good too. Highly recommended.

You can find it on eBay via this link:

If sold out, just look for other sellers.

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