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i did a little sleuthing

i did a little sleuthing regarding the difference between the document ink and the archive ink. it appears to be like this:
document ink fulfills a norm required for official documents, which includes a degree of lightfastness, no traceless removal, waterproof enough to leave writing intact and legible, and resistance against a set of solvents.
the archive ink is a less stringent version – it’s still a waterproof, lightfast ink, but not to the degree of fulfilling the official norm.

i found people quote an older version of the de atramentis website with the guideline that archive ink is for personal use, and document ink is for notary etc. use.
this sounds pretty sensible on the face of it, but since they have the same list price on their website, and the document ink comes in a selection of colours, i’m not sure if that reasoning still holds up.