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Retro & Bluetooth, the Rymek Mechanical Keyboard (review)

Here's my first retro keyboard, a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard called Rymek that was sent over from KnewKey. I don't like to review tech products unless it is art related but this keyboard is a work of art itself.

I'm not really familiar with retro keyboards but apparent, there are already many on Amazon, as I was told in the Youtube comments section of the video review that I just published. It's always good to have options to choose from.

KnewKey has the Rymek keyboard up on Indiegogo to raise funds to make more. The goal was to reach US$20,000 and they have already surpassed it.

This keyboard is usable on Windows and Mac although the layout is for Mac. You can use it wirelessly or with cable (while charging). To pair the keyboard is just like pairing any other Bluetooth devices. For some reason, the keyboard is detected as "MX520" rather than in its own name in Bluetooth.

For Windows users, the position of the Win key on this keyboard may throw you off. Typical Windows keyboard has the Win key between the Ctrl and Alt keys.

You can pair this keyboard with up to three devices. Using the Fn buttons, you can switch between the devices you use easily at the press of a button.

The Fn buttons are also configured with multi-media functions, just like those you may find on some Mac keyboards.

The keys can be removed and replaced.

There are two colours available for the keyboard. The other is Caramel White with orange keys.

This lever on the left is for changing between wired and Bluetooth mode. The downside is there's no way to tell which mode you're in before or after you've switched.

This metal bracket is removable and is designed to hold your portable devices, such as smartphones and small tablets. 9.7 inch iPads and even the 12.3-inch Surface Pro can fit but they are a bit heavy.

At this side, there's a very useful dial that you can use to adjust the volume.

One of the highlights of this keyboard is the lighting and effects. The keyboard has back light and the intensity can be adjusted.

You can also choose between different visual effects when keys are pressed. For example, with ripple effect, the light will ripple from whichever button you press. You can see all the different effects in this video below, at 3:06

The typing experience is nice. I'm a flat keyboard type of person but I can certainly appreciate a good mechanical keyboard with its tactile experience. Typing on it with the audible presses is a satisfying experience, reminiscence of old school typewriters. The downside is the typing sound is loud so this is definitely not a keyboard for use in an office environment with other colleagues around.

Overall, it's a nice keyboard. Main selling points to me would be the design and lighting effects. The handling is fantastic and overall performs well.

If you're interested to get one for yourself, just visit for more details.

Be sure to compare prices with other retro keyboards on Amazon to get a feel of the prices for such keyboards.