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Book Review: Fante Bukowski Two

Fante Bukowski Two - 01

The trials and tribulation of struggling writer, Fante Bukowski continues in Fante Bukowski Two

While Fante Bukowski One just focuses on the writer, this sequel juxtaposes his story with his ex-girlfriend, Audrey. It’s been a year since Fante Bukowski skips town. And while Fanta Bukowski is in a new city, selling his zines and trying to be the great American novelist, Audrey has made it as a critically acclaimed writer in her own rights. Will their paths cross again?

Here, we see Fante Bukowski living in a cheap motel, begging for money from his parents shamelessly and trying to sell his zines desperately. The result is a hilarious and poignant graphic novel on the downtrodden life of this delusional writer.

Van Sciver’s humour and satire is spot-on and all struggling artists can definitely identify and relate to Fante Bukowski’ musing at one point or another.

I particularly like his punchy dialogue and how the art style goes so well with it. I wonder how much of Van Sciver’s experiences is channeled into Fante Bukowski’s character.

It’s one of my best read for this year so far and I highly recommend it.

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