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Hi! So, i live in a small

Hi! So, i live in a small town and finally i see a local store selling some koi watercolors (they only sell the super entry cake watercolors that cost 5 and less) they have the 12 set for 17 euros and the 18 for 27 euros almost 28. I already have watercolors with 12 colors and I want to have a bit more colors but also don't want to give up on portability because I am going to travel and paint in the middle of nowhere. So, I was wondering if the 18 set is a good choice for the price or if I should buy the 24 or 30 one. Also, I never used koi watercolors and here locally the brands are almost white brands if you understand me. So, is it a good deal? I am still learning but I want to have a bit more quality.