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Review: Fabriano Artistico Coldpress Watercolour Paper (300GSM) - Traditional White

My previous experience with Fabriano was their Studio 200GSM watercolour paper. That's a decent paper but the Fabriano Artistico is much better.

This review covers the Fabriano Artistico Traditional White watercolor paper (300GSM)

Fabriano Artistico watercolour comes in Traditional White and Extra White, only available at 300GSM. They are 100% cotton made, double-sized and acid-free. For surfaces, there are coldpress, hotpress and rough.

I'm very pleased with the whiteness of the Traditional White. It does not dull down the intensity of the watercolours. The traditional warm white shade is created without the use of optical brighteners. I'll definitely be getting the Extra White to try in the future.

The watercolour pads are gummed on four sides so they don't warp even when you apply heavy washes. Usually, I would tear out a few pieces to bring outdoors instead of bring the whole pad. Even when it's a single sheet clipped at two points to board backing, it does not warp when a wash is applied.

The quality of the paper is fantastic. I like the even fine grainy texture of the coldpress surface. The quality is good enough to withstand glazing. I usually use pencils for drafts and they erase off well from the surface, even multiple times.

I've read several reviews saying that it's good for coloured pencils as well, and others use it for mixed media. It's quite pricey as coloured pencil paper though.

Below are the watercolour sketches drawn on the paper.

Winsor & Newton (WN)

You can create sharp edges easily on the surface.


The granulation of the Ultramarine is quite even.

The granulation is stronger from the Cobalt Blue Deep of Kremer Pigments (KP).


This is watersoluble graphite from Viarco's ArtGraf. I layered a few washes for the darker shades.

This is watersoluble graphite again. Check out the amazing granulation of the graphite.







I really love using this paper especially because of the even grainy surface. It's quite durable and can withstand layering, erasing. Granulation looks wonderful but it also depends on the watercolour pigment.

Definitely will be buying it again, and also going to try the hotpress and Extra White.

Highly recommended.


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