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I've been using the UB-150-10

I've been using the UB-150-10 (I suppose the 1mm) for the past couple of days and it is constantly skipping and just stoping after 40 words. After I shook it to get the ink down today (Perhaps too much) it just started giving too much ink at the tip and leaking ink from the two holes above the tip (I think air vents for the cartridge?) so basicly around a 6th of the ink in now gone (more than half of which now lies in paper towels) in 3 hours of (attempted) writing 150 words and constantly having to wipe it clean because it's leaking more than a broken tap. Not sure if the original problems of skipping and stopping is because of this particular one or the quality of these pens is such. Perhaps the thickness of the pen allows for too much ink to pass onto the paper and it can't keep up? I'm no particular quick writer either.