The Twig Sketcher ft Ch’ng Kiah Kiean

Ch'ng Kiah Kiean is an artist from Penang, Malaysia.



I have seen him years ago

I have seen him years ago somewhere. The guy with the twigs, but I see here that he has lots of brushes too so he is not limiting himself. Brilliant guy. Thanks for posting this.

The twig sketcher is a

The twig sketcher is a brilliant artist, and I'm a big fan of his work, but I have noticed that the recent years he looks like a twig himself. He should eat more because being that thin is not healthy, is not nice and is going to give him health problems in the long run. There are no excuses for being that thin other than not eating properly. And in case he doesn't feel the urge to eat then he should seek immediately medical help because eating disorders are dangerous and lethal.

It is a different thing, to

It is a different thing, to be thin because you are relatively young and very active and a different thing to be thin because you don't eat properly. Kian Kiean is by far thinner than you. Check for instance how thin are his legs and his hands at the video. You on the other hand, have developed some serious muscles on your legs because you skate, cycle and walk a lot. He doesn't, something that indicates that his thinness is the result of poor diet and not of training.

Anyway.. I didn't mean something bad with my comment. It is just that his appearance changed for the worst compared always with how he used to look like on some older videos.
You btw look somewhat fatter than you used to be five years ago. I'm telling you that in case you think that you haven't gained any weight all that years. But it suits you. I bet that you'll have a lot of female admirers nowadays... lol

As for your belly fat... ha ha ha..What fat???? Are you kidding? lol You 've got to see mine after six months of strict covid lockdown.
I was 48 kilos of cycling fit and now I am 51 kilos of cycling fat. LOL

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